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Two relationship plays from great local companies closing this weekend

June 22, 2012

Published in Metro

It’s not unusual: Against common sense and societal expectations, unlikely people fall in love.

In “Private Lives,” divorcees meet by chance during their second honeymoons — with new spouses. Despite the circumstances, and their volatile past, the two realize they’re still in love.

“Even if they can’t live with each other, what is absolutely true is that they can’t live without each other,” says Maria Aitken, director of the Huntington Theatre Company’s production of the Noel Coward comedy. “This is not an uncommon predicament. It defines some of the most exciting love affairs that have ever been. Burton and Taylor, for example.”

Ironically, notoriously warring Hollywood couple Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who married and divorced each other twice, performed in this show in 1983.

Aitken has also starred in “Private Lives.” In fact, she holds a record for most performances in a Coward play.

“You leave the theater entranced by people who are flippant, bad-mannered, and break all the moral rules of the universe,” she says. “It’s very enjoyable to see a playwright manipulating people’s mind-sets in an attractive way.”

‘Love Person’

In Company One’s production of “Love Person,” love transcends conventional
standards when a deaf lesbian meets a straight Sanskrit professor.

“They’re not necessarily suited for each other,” says playwright Aditi Brennan
Kapil. “In this play, love can be many things. It can be a romantic love. It can also be
that really intense connection that happens when two lonely people talk all night.”

Though quite different in plot and style, “Love Person” hits a theme similar to that
in “Private Lives.”

“There’s something to be said for accepting it wherever you can get it, as far as the
love thing,” says Kapil.

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