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Something for ‘All the Single Ladies’

May 5, 2011
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Published in Metro

While working the main stage at Improv Asylum, Jeremy Brothers noticed that bachelorette parties were always the most enthusiastic people in the audience.

“They’re ready to party, to the point that sometimes they don’t really want to sit and watch an improv and sketch show,” he says. “They want to get up and dance.”

So Brothers created “All the Single Ladies,” a “Sex and the City” meets “The Donkey Show” interactive comedy, starring four “ladies” out celebrating on the eve of a friend’s wedding.

“The script is almost written as a weird ‘choose your own adventure’ book. If the audience does this or that, then the actors do this scene or go in that direction,” says Brothers, who wrote and directs the show. “The guys have to be really aware of what’s happening with the people in the room.”

They sing along to girl power anthems and burst into choreographed routines, never breaking from their sassy, salacious characters. Brothers says if the “Single Ladies” gals act like melodramatic stereotypes, it’s because they’re supposed to: “There’s something so ridiculous about the way women say ‘Oh, I’m a Carrie,’ or ‘I’m a Samantha.’ … We’re playing on those ‘Sex and the City’ archetypes in a fun way.”

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