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Get out your fangs

October 13, 2010

Published by Metro

Even though Halloween candy has stacked store shelves for months, most costume shopping has yet to begin. Don’t get stuck cutting holes in old white sheets, and start planning a look now. Need inspiration? These costume stores have the best selections in town.

Boston Costume (The Garment District)

Whether you’re looking for a prepackaged Superman suit, or just pink sunglasses to finish up a self-made Elton John ensemble, Boston Costume should have it, and they’re open ‘til midnight through October. Skip the Garment District’s famously enormous dollar-a-pound used clothing pile when costume hunting, but do browse through the vintage wear section of the store for classy Don Draper and Joan Holloway getups.

Party Favors Halloween Store

This 16,000 square foot megastore just opened down the street from Boston University. The clean and organized layout makes it easy to find costumes fast, but customers might want to hang around for the Halloween festivities. Decorate “creepy cupcakes” on Thursday nights, have your fortune told or watch hair and makeup demonstrations to prepare for the big day.

Dorothy’s Boutique

Dorothy’s provides Bostonians with their costume needs all year round, and Halloween-time is no exception. While the store does stock standard costumes, its eminence lies in the accoutrements. Every nook and cranny of the store is packed with the outlandish wigs, sparkly shoes and unexpected trinkets that make an unforgettable All Saints’ Day outfit.

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