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‘Rock of [his] Ages’

October 9, 2010

Published by Metro

Back in real-life 1987, Constantine Maroulis was a middle schooler in suburban New Jersey, listening to “Appetite For Destruction” by Guns N’ Roses and starting to dabble in theater.

In “Rock of Ages” 1987, he’s a big-city rocker, saving the day and falling in love on the Sunset Strip.  This time it’s fictional, but the music’s the same.

“It’s a rock ’n’ roll experience, but it’s a Broadway experience,” says Maroulis, a former “American Idol” finalist, and Tony Award nominee — for his starring role in this production.

“Rock of Ages” isn’t a typical musical, not with a set list that includes tunes by REO Speedwagon, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar and Poison.

“If you’re the dude who doesn’t go to Broadway shows, you’re going to love this,” says Maroulis. “And your girl is going to love it more.”

Rockin’ out in Boston

Though this is the first time “Rock of Ages” will play in Boston, Maroulis is not a stranger to the Hub. A Boston Conservatory graduate, he says if he gets any downtime during his stay, he has simple plans.

“It’d be nice to sort of get lost,” he says. “Maybe check out Wally’s one night, see a good jam session there on Mass. Ave.”

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