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Summer International Internship Spotlight

May 7, 2010

Published by BU Law with audio slideshow

Last summer, Marissa Caylor (’10) lived and worked in Ankara, Turkey as a participant in BU Law’s Summer International Internship Program (SIIP). There she learned not only about a new culture, but a new way of conducting law.

While abroad, Caylor worked on cross-border projects and international commercial arbitration cases at a Turkish law firm. “I had never been to Turkey before, nor did I speak any Turkish,” she said. “But I started studying it as soon as I was accepted.”

Caylor’s responsibilities included advising clients interested in litigating in U.S. courts, and she also worked on a project involving a segment of a crude oil pipeline spanning from Russia to Europe.

“Law firms in Turkey encourage a level of intimacy between coworkers and with clients much differently than in the U.S. When the firm takes on a large case, everyone in the firm works on it together,” said Caylor. “It’s a lot about building relationships. Drinking tea and building trust first, then doing business.”

Caylor admits that it’s harder to work in Turkey than in America. “You have to be more independent and culturally sensitive. I had to learn a language, a new business culture and system of law. Those are challenges that aren’t present in Boston.”

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