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‘I was raised by crazy people’

April 1, 2010

Published by Metro

Most people don’t have the charisma, the stamina or the anecdotes to sustain an uninterrupted 1 1/2-hour show alone. Sue Costello does it sans props, costumes and music in “Minus 32 Million Words.”

Costello wrote and stars in the one-woman show, which chronicles her life growing up in Dorchester through conversations with others — a priest, family, friends and multiple therapists. Audiences meet Costello when she’s just a thick-accented, fidgety 10-year-old with an unstable family. They watch her come of age in a rough neighborhood and later make it big as a comedian in Manhattan and L.A., only to find herself disillusioned and torn between two selves.

In the part-comedic performance, part-raw emotional saga, Costello proves quite a character — one who laughs compulsively, worries constantly and questions everything.

“I’m a little rough around the edges but it’s not my fault,” she says in the show. “I was raised by crazy people.”

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