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Cartoonist sketches the lighter side of law

March 29, 2010
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Published by BU Law

Vasanth Sarathy (’10) found the perfect way to combine his interest in law with a lifelong hobby when he launched his cartoon blog “Legally Drawn.”

“When I was very young I used to draw cartoons all the time,” says Sarathy. “I used to make up heroes like ‘Pencil Man’ and ‘Eraser Boy,’ but then I set it aside.” Until law school.

Nearly a year ago, Sarathy began posting original single panel cartoons about law life on his comic website. He finds inspiration everywhere: in the classroom, at work, through current events.

“There are a lot of funny things in law,” he says. “It’s a really rich area.”

One of Sarathy’s favorite cartoons relates to patent law. “Turns out it applies to so many other things that I never guessed or thought of,” he said. “I got calls from lawyers and judges all around the world wanting to utilize that cartoon in presentations and teaching material.”

His cartoons have been used in the BU Law classroom, specifically on the front page of Professor Francis Miller’s health law exams. “That was my first publication, in some sense.”

Though he started the blog for fun, Sarathy is gaining recognition not only among the BU Law community, but online as well. “Legally Drawn” received a record 15,000 hits in one day after legal tabloid “Above the Law” posted a link to his site.

Though the 3L will graduate in May, he plans to maintain his cartoon blog, maybe even make a profit from it eventually.

“I haven’t really thought about how to commercialize it,” he says, though distributors in India have expressed interest in printing his cartoons on a regular basis. He’s also working on a deal to have his cartoons made into framed prints.

“That’s a little promising. I didn’t expect people to be willing to pay for something like this.”

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