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Actor Kellan Lutz on the less sullen Cullen

November 20, 2009

Published by Metro

Kellan Lutz didn’t want it anyway, the role of Edward in the “Twilight Saga” series, that is.

“No, this guy’s too depressing,” says Lutz of his reaction after browsing the script. Instead, the actor agreed to read for the part of Emmett, the lead vampire’s brother.

“He’s so happy-go-lucky, just loves life,” Lutz says of his character. “He’s kind of invincible as far as his ‘vampiric’ talent.”

Lutz hadn’t even heard of the book series before landing the role, let alone read it, but he did later. The 24-year-old star gushes about the story (“great”), the books’ author Stephenie Meyer (“amazing”) and his fans (“so loving”). To rumors that his co-stars hate publicity, he is diplomatic. “A lot of them are shy, to be honest,” he says.

Though “New Moon” (the second movie in “Twilight Saga”) premieres this week, cast and crew have already finished filming the third, “Eclipse.”

There’s no word on the series finale “Breaking Dawn.”

“If [the studio] waits too long to green-light it we’re going to be busy,” says Lutz of the cast.

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