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Raising the ‘Roof’

November 5, 2009

Published by Metro

>Revere native plays second-fiddle in ‘Fiddler’ >The actress on the timeless universal message of a Russian family in their shtetl

topolThough set more than one hundred years ago in Tsarist Russia, “Fiddler on the Roof” is still something audiences can relate to — daughters haven’t stopped defying their fathers yet.

“The story is universal,” says Susan Cella, who plays main character Tevye’s wife Golde in the musical. “It happens to take place in a Jewish shtetl [‘little town’], but it’s applicable to any kind of people in any time period.”

The synopsis and soundtrack are familiar to most, as is the show’s leading man, Chaim Topol. Topol plays Tevye, a poor milkman and father of five daughters who desperately tries to uphold tradition within the family.

“He certainly knows the show better than anyone living today,” says Cella of Topol.

Cella, who was born and raised in Revere, says the show is so accessible that local audiences “will be brought to tears.”

“I guarantee it,” she says.

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