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Shining a light in ‘The Darkness’

October 30, 2009

Published by Metro

Nothing hurts young love like a creepy neighbor.

In psychological thriller “The Darkness Within,” a couple learns this firsthand.

The film, by local Dom Portalla, centers on recently engaged pair Chad and Ashley. The two seem happy at their new apartment until Chad notices a mysterious neighbor peaking through their window. He grows obsessed with catching the prowling voyeur, affecting not only his relationship with Ashley, but also his mind.

“I had this weird encounter with my neighbor,  and it brought up some ideas,” says Portalla of his inspiration for the storyline.

Portalla, co-founder of Door Eleven Productions, wrote and directed the film on a $3,000 budget. To save costs he set the film in his own apartment. “The Darkness Within” also features original music and artwork.

The film premieres Friday at the Brattle Theatre;  Portalla hopes movie fans will come out and support a local.

“Right now Boston is becoming a very exciting place for film with a lot of big Hollywood movies rolling through town,” says Portalla. “But there’s a lot of smaller talent, a lot of smaller movies that are being made, and the new blood should be able to garner just as much attention.”

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