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Ra Ra say hooray for new songs

October 2, 2009

Published by Metro

>Riot retreat to upstate New York to record new album after this tour > Band will give fans a taste of new tunes on fall shows

This fall, Ra Ra Riot promotes their August 2008 album, “The Rhumb Line,” for the last time.

Afterward, band members will retreat to a 40-acre peach farm in upstate New York to finish writing and start recording their next album, which they plan to release next spring or early summer.

“We’re expanding in a lot of ways,” says bassist Mathieu Santos. “We’re trying new combinations of instruments, using synthesizers and a lot of ’80s pop and ’70s pop sounds.”

The band began writing during time off in August. All six members listen to music constantly, especially when on tour, and draw inspiration from other musicians. Genesis and Prince influence their new material, says Santos.

Still, fans will recognize the old sounds of Ra Ra Riot. Attendees at this weekend’s show can expect to hear “a little preview” of the band’s new material, according to Santos.

“The new songs so far definitely have the DNA of our band,” Santos says. “We have strong post punk elements, definitely classical elements, most of all classic pop elements — with a little new wave.”

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